School trip information


You want the students to experience a great school trip and at the same time you also want the day to be carefree and stress-free. That is why we have listed the practical information about a school trip to the Julianatoren Children's Park for you here. This way you are well prepared for an awesome school trip!

Information about school trips to Children's amusement park Julianatoren

Reservations and Modifications

You can book the school trip safely and quickly online. Immediately after payment you will receive the reservation confirmation with invoice. You will receive the ticket(s) shortly before the school trip starts.

If the number of people on the day of the school trip deviates from the number specified in the online reservation, this will be settled at the main checkout.

You can move the reservation free of charge or cancel free of charge one week in advance.

Arrival and parking

On arrival the bus drivers can park their bus free of charge on our parking lot. Within a few steps you arrive at the entrance where the organiser checks in at our ticket office. The organiser receives the tickets and the vouchers for the drinks and, if reserved, lunch. The organiser also makes arrangements where to enjoy the lunch. Meanwhile the class can get in line, two by two, at the gate. Are there teachers/supervisors who came by car? No problem, they can also park free of charge.


Do you want us to arrange lunch? No problem! You can choose from the options below;
  • Fries at € 1,60
  • Snack (frikandel/kroket) at € 1,25
  • Pancake at € 3,00
  • Extra drink at € 1,00
  • Water ice at € 1,00
  • Extra coffee/tea at € 1,75
The contact person will arrange a time for the entire group at the catering point (which one this is, will be told at the main checkout). Are you going for a picnic? The picnic benches are ready for you in Jul's Picknickbos!

Teachers (supervisors)

Accompanying teachers can enter the park free of charge. The minimum number of supervisors is 1 per 10 children. Also, supervisors can park their car for free.

Park map

Click here to download the map of our park. On the map you’ll find the location of all rides, venues and theatre stages. Useful to hand out to all supervisors.

First aid

We hope nothing will go wrong, but accidents can happen. Fortunately we have a team of employees who can provide first aid, and we have a great supply of bandages. Our first aid post can be found at the cotton candy house, or ask one of our employees, they are happy to help.

School travel days

Schools are very welcome every Monday to Friday on opening days during the 2021 season, except on public holidays and during school holidays. We would like to ask you to book your school trip in advance, so that we can take your arrival into account. View on which days schools are welcome via the link below.

Where to storage your baggage

In the back of the park, in Jul’s Picknickbos (picnic forest), we have large storage boxes where all children can store their backpacks. After arrival please store your backpacks before going on any one of the rides.