Disabled people

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Some of our attractions are accessible for disabled people and often also accessible for wheelchairs. We regret that there are also attractions that are less or not accessible.

Entrance fee

People with a disability* will receive a € 10 discount on the regular entrance fee at the Ticket office. You’ll only have to pay € 16,50 instead of € 26,50.

TicketsDiscountTicket office price
Disabled people over 2 years of age*€ 10,00 € 16,50
Parking costs€ 10,00

*By disabled people we mean people with a disability (physically and / or mentally) who are unable to visit the park and the attractions without supervision. Supervisors from an institution also receive a € 10.00 discount on the regular entrance fee. These tickets are only available at the ticket office.
**Disabled people and the carers (from an institution) do not have to make a reservation online and can buy a ticket at the box office after which they have access to the amusement park. (This has been taken into account when determining the maximum capacity).


Toilets for disabled peolple can be found at the entrance and in the middle of the park at Jul's Grote Disco Bots. A room with a changing table / bed is located on the ground floor of the tower. You can ask for the key at the Candy Cotton Houde ( Suikerspinhuisje) opposite the entrance of the tower.

Disabled parking card

On parking lot 1 (next to the entrance of the park) we have reserved parking spaces for those in possession of a disabled parking card. Please show your card to one of our parking supervisors, and he will show you where to park. In case parking lot 1 is full, please go to parking lot 2 and show your card to the parking attendant, he will make arrangements for you to park your car on parking lot 1.

Address parling lot 1

Amersfoortseweg 35
7313 AC Apeldoorn

Can I reserve a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are available free of charge. You can also rent a luxury scooter for € 10 a day and with a € 25 deposit. There is a limited number of wheelchairs and only one scooter available per day, so we recommend that you reserve your wheelchair or scooter at least two days ahead of your visit.Only while supplies last. Call +31 (0) 55 3575 115 to reserve a wheelchair.

Do you have any questions? We’re happy to help!