FAQ Algemeen

I have made a reservation. Can I move it?

Tickets ordered via juliantoren.nl
Relocation insurance
Did you take out relocation insurance when purchasing your tickets? Then you can move the reservation date unlimitedly in the 2022 season.
Move your reservation here with relocation insurance

No relocation insurance
Didn't you take out relocation insurance when you bought your tickets? Then, after paying € 50.00 administration costs, you can move the reservation date unlimitedly in the 2022 season.
Move your reservation here without relocation insurance

Are all amusement park rides opened on quiet days?

On quiet days the rides will be open alternately with the exception of: Varende Piraat, Jul’s Grote Discobots and Jul’s Bungee Trampolines. This means that every ride will be open for at least 50% of the opening hours. Because there are viewer visitors on quiet days, everyone gets the chance to go on all the rides, even more so than on busy days. This system is used by most of European amusement parks.

What is the expiry date of my ticket?

Tickets can be used until, or on, the date mentioned on the ticket. When you have a ticket without a date, the ticket is valid indefinitely.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are more than welcome in our amusement park, but are not allowed in the Jul & Julia Theatre and on the rides. You have to keep your dog on a leash and you must clean up accidents yourself. For this purpose you can pick up a dog shovel for free at the ticket office of the amusement park, and for the thirsty dogs, there are drinking spots with fresh water.

Can I reserve a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are available free of charge. You can also rent a luxury scooter for € 10 a day and with a € 25 deposit. There is a limited number of wheelchairs and only one scooter available per day, so we recommend that you reserve your wheelchair or scooter at least two days ahead of your visit.

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Where do I submit a tip or suggestion?

You can send your tip or suggestion by email to info@julianatoren.nl or by regular mail to Kinderpretpark Julianatoren, Amersfoortseweg 35, 7313 AC Apeldoorn.

Are all rides opened during rain?

Yes, with one exception, the big slide. Our employees are happy to dry your seat as soon as possible after the rain.

Is there a dress code for your park?

For safety and hygienic reasons we ask that you always wear at least a top, trousers and shoes.

Is the amusement park also open on public holidays?

Do you serve gluten free food?

Children’s amusement park Julianatoren offers several gluten free dishes. For example, in the main restaurant and cafeteria we offer gluten free chips, snacks and ice cream.

You can see our allergens information card here. Indexed by establishment.

What if I need to use your sanitary facilities?

The usage of our sanitary facilities is free of charge. The toilets beneath our main restaurant are equipped with a baby changing station. Throughout the park you can also find several units, and we have disabled toilets at the entrance and at Jul’s Grote Disco Bots.

Do you have lockers?

Lockers are available for safe storage of personal items or valuables. You can find the lockers at the toilets beneath the restaurant. The costs for use are € 2 per use. Children's amusement park Julianatoren is not responsible for any theft, damage or loss of your belongings.

Attention: The lockers cannot be opened and closed indefinitely. It will require € 2 to lock it again after you have opened it. If you lose the key, we charge € 5 for a replacement key.

Can I charge my car while visiting?

Children’s amusement park Julianatoren has 6 charging stations on parking lot 1. We charge € 0.35 per kWh, ask our parking stewards for assistance!