Park Regulations

To ensure that your visit, and of others, is as pleasant as possible, we have drawn up these park rules. By entering the park, you automatically agree to these rules and regulations.


1.1 Visiting our park is not allowed if you or someone in your household suffers from a cold, cough, sore throat, fever and / or chest tightness.
1.2 In order to guarantee that there is enough space to keep a distance of 1.5 meters, the maximum number of visitors has been adjusted downwards.
1.3 Entrance tickets without a date are only valid in combination with a reservation on the date of the visit.
1.4 Enrance tickets by date are only valid on the date stated on the entrance ticket.
1.5 Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between your party and those of the nearest visitors at all times.
1.6 We have made adjustments to the method of use and the queue at all our points of sale and attractions; stick to these adjustments please.
1.7 We have adapted the seats throughout the park to the guidelines of the RIVM (government institute for public health and the environment). If there is no room for you, we hope that we can appeal to your patience. We also want to ask you to leave all tables standing; these have been measured at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.
1.8 In order to give everyone at least 1.5 meters space and to promote flow, certain parts of the park are one-way traffic.
1.9 Pay contactless if possible.
1.10 The moment one of our toilet units is cleaned, it is closed. We kindly ask you to wait outside to give our employees space.
1.11 Wash and / or disinfect your hands when you:
- Arrives;
- went to the toilet;
- You've blown your nose;
- Eat something;
- Leaving.
1.12 It is not allowed to have physical contact with anyone outside of your household composition.
1.13 You must at all times follow the instructions of our employees.
1.14 Please note that failure to adhere to these rules will result in denial to the park without any refund being made.

2. Entrance

2.1 Parking your car on the parking lot of Julianatoren is entirely at your own risk Children’s amusement park Julianatoren is not responsible for the damage suffered in case of a burglary of theft of your car. This also applies if the damage is caused by a storm, fire, hail, explosions, or extraordinary events.
2.2 Access to the terrain and park is only permitted with a valid admission tickets. The right of access ends when leaving the park.
2.3 All children under the age of twelve, are only admitted to the park when accompanied by an adult.
2.4 It is forbidden to enter or stay inside the park outside opening hours.
2.5 Julianatoren reserves the right to change opening days and or hours during the season
2.6 To ensure our visitors’ safety, Julianatoren reserves the right to close its doors when the maximum number of visitors is reached, which includes holders of the family season pass. If the guest is already in possession of a valid admission ticket, arrangements will be made to convert the ticket to another date, during the same season. Julianatoren accepts no liability for travel costs incurred.

3. General

3.1 Julianatoren reserves the right at all times to remove the guest from the park if they violate these regulations or if they deem this necessary. When this happens, a no restitution policy is applied.
3.2 Julianatoren would like to point out that we use camera surveillance in the park to protect your and our safet, and property.
3.3 For your and our safety, please follow the instructions of our employees.
3.4 Persons who are or act as if they are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or who are in possession of narcotics, will be refused entry to the park or will be removed from the park.
3.5 Physical or verbal violence or other undesirable behaviour towards other visitors and / or employees of Julianatoren will not be tolerated. Guests who engage in such behaviour will be immediately removed from the park. We will include the police if required of deemed necessary by management.
3.6 The carrying of weapons or other dangerous objects is prohibited. Julianatoren reserves the right to remove the owner of these objects from the park, possibly in collaboration with the police.
3.7 Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area at the back of the park.
3.8 Selling and / or distributing goods is not permitted without prior written permission from Julianatoren.
3.9 Employees of Julianatoren are allowed to check the content of your bag(s).
3.10 It is not allowed to enter areas outside the indicated walking routes, paths and / or picnic areas.
3.11 It is not allowed to swim or bathe in the ponds of Julianatoren.
3.12 It is not allowed to enter the park with bicycles, skates, a scooter or other vehicles, with the exception of a wheelchair or prams.
3.13 It is allowed to bring your dogs to the park on a leash, provided that the dog is walked in the woods near the parking lot. It is not allowed to bring pets on the amusement park rides and / or inside the Jul & Julia Theatre. You will have to clean up accidents yourself, and we provide a dog scoop at the main entrance. You are allowed to walk your dog in the forest outside the park (near the parking lot) and re-enter the park. The owner will then receive a stamp on his hand, so that he can go back inside afterwards.
3.14 The use of radios, sound blasters or other music carriers is not allowed.
3.15 The police will be contacted for all cases of theft.

4. Amusement park rides and shows

4.1 For safety reasons, it is not allowed to bring bags and / or loose objects on rides. Julianatoren does not accept any liability for damage or loss of abandoned goods, nor of goods that have been handed over to our employees. Where bags and / or loose objects are allowed, this will be entirely at your own risk.
4.2 Safety is our number one priority. Everyone is obliged to adhere to the rules in and around the rides. These can be found on the signage at the entrance of the ride and may be provided by the employees. Anyone who deliberately ignores directions and instructions for use, may be denied access to the operator of the ride.
4.3 Height, build and / or health criteria apply to certain rides. These limits are used for the safety of the guest. If a guest cannot participate in a ride due to the criteria used, Julianatoren does not apply a refund.
4.4 For safety reasons or technical failures, rides and shows may be closed during your visit. All this is indicated at the entrance of the park. The Julianatoren employees do their utmost to reopen the rides and / or show as soon as possible. When this happens, a no restitution policy is applied.
4.5 In the event of exceptional weather conditions (including strong winds, heavy rain showers, hail storms and thunderstorms) Julianatoren is obliged to close some of the rides temporarily according to the safety procedures of the rides and shows. When this happens, a no restitution policy is applied.
4.6 The use of the playground equipment is entirely at your own risk. Julianatoren is not liable for improper usage.
4.7 Guests squeezing in the queues can be removed from the park.

5. Clothing

5.1 Even at high temperatures, at least a top, shorts and shoes must be worn.
5.2 You may be refused entry to the park if you wear inappropriate clothing, which damages the family atmosphere of Julianatoren.
5.3 For you and our safety, wearing face-covering clothing is not permitted at Julianatoren. If you do wear face-covering clothing, you may be asked by an employee of the amusement park to take off the face-covering clothing or denied entrance of the amusement park. Face-covering clothing is clothing that completely covers the face and or when the eyes are not visible.

6. Photographing and filming

6.1 It is allowed to photograph and film in the park, but only for your own use.
6.2 It is not allowed to film or photograph in the amusement park rides.
6.3 Publication of images, video and / or audio material of and / or taken within children’s amusement park Julianatoren is prohibited, unless the management of Julianatoren has granted prior written permission.
6.4 You may be photographed or filmed as a guest. Julianatoren always reserves the right to use this material for publication.

7. Liability

7.1 Julianatoren does not accept any liability for any damage suffered by guests, unless this damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence by Julianatoren or one of its employees.
7.2 Julianatoren does not accept any liability for loss and / or theft of goods that you have brought in the park.
7.3 If you are harmed or injured, you must report this to the information desk before you leave. Julianatoren is no longer liable if the report is made after leaving the park.

8. Additional

8.1 The management of Julianatoren decides in all cases not provided by these park regulations.