The tower restaurant is our main restaurant offering plenty of seating. You can choose to sit at a table inside the restaurant, on the terrace in front of the restaurant, or on the Skydeck above. This restaurant is open the whole day and closes after the last guests leave our amusement park, so there is no need to leave hungry. We offer a great variety of food and drinks. In the morning you can enjoy a nice hot cup of tea with one of our tasty pastries or doughnuts. Or would you rather a sausage roll? You can find them, freshly baked, by the cash register.

Sandwiches and menus

For a more hearty appetite we offer a broad variety of sandwiches, fried egg sunny side up on bread, and paninis. We also serve different menus, like a fried rice with satay skewers menu, snack menus, kids’ boxes and many more.

Pancakes and ice

You can also order a traditional Dutch pancake with bacon, apple or cheese. Especially for the kids we offer a Jul’s kids’ pancake with lemonade, an ice cream and a surprise. Kids will enjoy their ice cream in a Jul ice-cream cup they can take home.

Eat and play!

Have your kids finished eating, but you haven’t? Inside the restaurant we have a monkey cage, a movie screen and an interactive floor game module. So you can enjoy your meal while your kids can play!
We also offer our snack, chips and pancakes gluten free. Ask our employees for the options.

Click here for the allergen information per catering point