Dino and Dino

Dino and Dina are two sweet dinosaurs who live in a very nice cave on the Julianatoren. They prefer to build everything together, play in one of the attractions in the Julianatoren or learn everything about building together in a playful way. Dino is a bit clumsy at times, but luckily his sensible sweet sister Dina helps him with everything!

Dino and Dina Fan Club!

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Meet & Greet

Are you ready for a fantastic encounter with Dino and Dina? After every show of Dino and Dina there is a Meet & Greet with the sweet Dino friends. Go to shows YouTube channel Dino and Dina! Did you know that our dear Dino friends have their own series, in which they experience the greatest adventures in their cave? The series will soon be available on this YouTube channel. Subscribe to Dino and Dina to not miss the episodes! Have fun watching and listening! Go to Dino and Dina on YouTube

Dino and Dina on TikTok!

Dino and Dina have their own TikTok channel! Follow the Dino friends on TikTok and dance and sing along! Go to Dino and Dina on TikTok