Meneer Kaasgaaf

Mister Kaasgaaf

Mr. Kaasgaaf (Cheesecool) is the director of children’s amusement park Julianatoren. He is in charge of the entire amusement park, and directs his entire staff from his office in the tower. Sometimes he appears really strict, but actually he is really jolly and energetic. He is also acting a bit tougher than he really is. Mister Kaasgaaf is a bit older, but secretly he still feels like a little kid. For him the best thing about being in charge of an amusement park is that you can ride all the rides all day long, and taste all the goodies that the visitors can eat at the park. He enjoys getting up early and shake hands with all his guests personally in the morning. He also likes to get into the rides with the kids during the day so he can enjoy all the rides with his guests. Mister Kaasgaaf has secret crush on Ms. Cotton candy, just a little, but …