Mevrouw Suikerspin

Miss Candyfloss

Miss Candyfloss has been working at the cotton candy house at the amusement park all her life. There she bakes the tastiest popcorn, and spins the most beautiful pink cotton candy. Miss Candyfloss has a real sweet tooth, if it were up to her she would be eating sweets with the children all day long! She is always happy and Jul’s, Julia’s and Mr. Kaasgaaf’s biggest support! Miss Candyfloss is like a mother goose, taking everyone under her wings. She enjoys tasting all types of sweets the cotton candy house has to offer, and during her spare time she loves to stroll along with the kids to their next ride. And if it’s okay with them, she loves to join them! Miss Candyfloss has an easy solution to every problem. She’s a lot tougher and stronger than meets the eye. There is one special person who melts her sugar sweet heart, and that’s Mister Kaasgaaf.